Being tired from the journey to get here we decided to just walk out and see what’s near to our hotel. While we wanted to try and eat at places local Romans would and try and avoid the touristy places, for this meal it didn’t matter. We looked at a couple of places and settled on Il nido del Pettirosso. A nice little cozy place showcasing Trip Advisor and Roma awards. It’s gotta be good right?

We both ordered pasta dishes with a vegetable starter to share.

Tuna starter. Delicious!!

Vegetable starter. Nice pesto sauce. Everything was delicious!!

My main plate which is another starter. Homemade pasta with pecorino cheese, almonds and dried apricots.

Food was pretty decent but the presentation and service was excellent. Upon leaving the host ran to hold the door open for us. Certainly don’t see this kind of service around much.

Good service, cozy atmosphere and a decent menu make this a good consideration .

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