We have arrived! Customs is quite impressive here. Scan of passport, take picture, then proceed to get your passport stamped. Oh, and there are strict instructions to open passport to a blank page so the officers can quickly stamp it. They do a good job in keeping the lines moving.

It’s incredible the amount of pushiness and selfishness at the airport. Around the carousel to pick up bags people think nothing of it to go in front of you. At the bus terminal, it starts as a single line but as soon as the bus arrives and it’s chaos. Everyone swarms the bus! LOL!

After our bus ride to Termini station we then made our way on foot to our hotel. I think on our way out we will take a taxi. Navigating cobblestones with luggage was challenging.

We are freshening up and will head out to look around and find somewhere to eat dinner.


3 thoughts on “Rome

  1. Looked good, now go to the small little unique place with Starw wooden chairs, where all the locals hang out, usually on side streets. Have a great time baca bro, don’t forget to try the Gellatto, go to the small stand up places they have the best Gellatto, and they won’t try to rip you off, you can also find them in the small cafe’s


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