First full day

Today, our first full day started out with breakfast at Maranti Cafe. I started my day with an prosciutto and artichoke panini. I didn’t get a pic as I ate it before I remembered. Oops!

Next, we made our way to the meeting point for our city bus tour. It began near the Vatican, circled down around the Coloseum and back. We sat on a double decker bus on the second level where it was open but with a roof. We didn’t know we were supposed to bring our own headphones so we missed the audio guided tour. Here’s some samples:

Next we walked to the Pantheon. An old church built between 113-125 AD. Incredible and breathtaking is all I can say. Just amazing inside.

Next, we walked to the Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna. We walked all the way up. The steps are slanted downward after the centuries of use. Nice to be able to walk up now that sitting on the steps are forbidden.

We then walked to the Villa Borghese since we were close. But being late in the day I was not up for renting a bike or electric buggy to tour the park. We watched the amazing sunset and then made our way back down to street level to find somewhere to eat. Being in a touristy area, none of the places looked very good. But we chose a Pizza place to have a salad and water to tie us over. We wanted to try a place near our hotel. That was ‘ok’. We then grabbed a cab back to our area via a ride sharing app (Freenow – nothing free about it though).

Dinner is late here in Italy. The place, L’antica Fraschetta was packed. We ordered a house red, with calamari appetizer. I ordered spaghetti with clams and Deniz ordered Rigatoni Carbonara. Both our entrees were delicious! Better than last nights dinner.

Now, we are re-charging for our day trip to Florence tomorrow. Stay tuned……

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