Great Day

We had a great day today. My moms friend Sadie has a daughter and son in law out here. Brian met us at our hotel and drove us around the Dartmouth side showing us many areas. We went back to their place to relax and and chat a bit. JoAnne joined us and we headed back out for a tour of Halifax. They then drove us to MacAskills where we had made prior arrangements to surprise my uncle who is out here right now spending some time with his extended family. We met them all at the restaurant and boy was my uncle surprised. For a second there he was totally confused when we walked in. He was initially stunned and then greeted us with a hug. It was a great evening and summed up what was a great day.

Tomorrow we will rent a car and then met up with my uncle and the family. I believe Deniz will join the ladies in heading across to Halifax for a little shopping and I will head out with my uncle. I can’t recall where he is going now but there was a specific place he wanted to go.

Friday we will probably head out on our own to see Peggy’s Cove and a few other places.

Here is a view of the newer toll bridge connecting Dartmouth to Halifax. This view is from the same point I posted last nights photos from. It’s right out in front of our hotel. Underneath the bridge is where two ships collided many years ago creating a huge explosion that nearly wiped out part of Halifax.



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