Easy day

We started the day by taking Uncle Gary, My and her mom to the hospital to visit her Dad. While they were visiting, Deniz and I made a few errand runs around town. She needed a couple of items at Shoppers Drug Mart and I needed to get a new iPhone case at Best Buy. Once again, I broke the holster clip. I guess it was on my belt a strange way and when I sat in the car it snapped.

We had also stopped in at Tim Hortons and a local guy started chatting up a storm with me. He was a bit of a drunk but a nice one. It started when I was drying my hands in the washroom and I startled him as he was entering. Later, he needed help opening up his bag of tobacco. He told us a little bit of his life story, then introduced himself with a handshake, took our dirty plates then left.

After picking up Uncle Gary and My, we took the ferry across to the Halifax where we wandered around the harbour front.

We had a latte at this place that makes designs on the top simply by the way they pour the milk in. Deniz, My and I each had one. Here are the patterns of each.




Road Trip

Uncle Gary and My joined us for a great road trip day. In our rental car we headed to Mahone Bay, then to Lunenburg, then finally Peggy’s Cove. After leaving the Halifax area heading towards Mahone Bay, we hit some pretty thick fog.


Here’s the view in Mahone Bay.


Here’s the view in Lunenberg.


Here’s Peggy’s Cove.


After leaving Peggy’s Cove we stopped to see the Swiss Air crash memorial.

We ended the day by visiting and meeting My’s other sister, Joan and her husband Ted. Very nice folks again. They gave us a souvenir made locally after the last hurricane. This fellow collected pieces of broken trees and made little sculptures from them. Ours is a Maritime fisherman. We were disappointed that most things sold here are made in India, China or the Philippines. So, she wanted to send us off with a genuine Maritime item.


Another good day today. Slight change in plans from the previous evening. We all got together with Pat and Madonna (My’s sister and brother in law). Pat drove us around Dartmouth and Halifax. We some of the same places but also saw many new places. Very educational. I have quickly learned that there is much more history to this area than I ever knew. The little bit I’ve learned in my first two days have been fascinating.

For lunch we stopped in to get a chicken burger at the Chicken Burger. This place has been around since the 1940’s. It’s been in My’s family tradition to eat there. It’s a pulled chicken sandwich in a burger bun. It was delicious!!

We then picked up a few things at the supermarket and returned back to My’s mothers place. After relaxing and chatting a bit we headed down to an area down by the south shore. Lots of little shops and a marina. Nice scenery.

We picked up some great fish & chips from John’s Lunch. Great fish $ Chips!!

Tomorrow, My and Uncle will be joining Deniz and I on a road trip to Peggy’s Cove.

Great Day

We had a great day today. My moms friend Sadie has a daughter and son in law out here. Brian met us at our hotel and drove us around the Dartmouth side showing us many areas. We went back to their place to relax and and chat a bit. JoAnne joined us and we headed back out for a tour of Halifax. They then drove us to MacAskills where we had made prior arrangements to surprise my uncle who is out here right now spending some time with his extended family. We met them all at the restaurant and boy was my uncle surprised. For a second there he was totally confused when we walked in. He was initially stunned and then greeted us with a hug. It was a great evening and summed up what was a great day.

Tomorrow we will rent a car and then met up with my uncle and the family. I believe Deniz will join the ladies in heading across to Halifax for a little shopping and I will head out with my uncle. I can’t recall where he is going now but there was a specific place he wanted to go.

Friday we will probably head out on our own to see Peggy’s Cove and a few other places.

Here is a view of the newer toll bridge connecting Dartmouth to Halifax. This view is from the same point I posted last nights photos from. It’s right out in front of our hotel. Underneath the bridge is where two ships collided many years ago creating a huge explosion that nearly wiped out part of Halifax.