Another good day today. Slight change in plans from the previous evening. We all got together with Pat and Madonna (My’s sister and brother in law). Pat drove us around Dartmouth and Halifax. We some of the same places but also saw many new places. Very educational. I have quickly learned that there is much more history to this area than I ever knew. The little bit I’ve learned in my first two days have been fascinating.

For lunch we stopped in to get a chicken burger at the Chicken Burger. This place has been around since the 1940’s. It’s been in My’s family tradition to eat there. It’s a pulled chicken sandwich in a burger bun. It was delicious!!

We then picked up a few things at the supermarket and returned back to My’s mothers place. After relaxing and chatting a bit we headed down to an area down by the south shore. Lots of little shops and a marina. Nice scenery.

We picked up some great fish & chips from John’s Lunch. Great fish $ Chips!!

Tomorrow, My and Uncle will be joining Deniz and I on a road trip to Peggy’s Cove.


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