Homeless Problem

The homeless problem in San Francisco is truly a shame. According to our guides and drivers, the information technology companies started it all. Tech companies moved in and caused a housing boom. Price of homes sky rocketed pushing it out of reach for many. There was what is called “evictovations” where people got evicted, new owners renovated and pushed the value up. The real sad part is over 65% of the homeless had homes ten years ago.

It took a few days to experience more of the homeless problem but we did today. We took a walk down to the shopping area where there are many stores. Many high end stores. Being Sunday, it was quite crowded. Yet, the homeless think nothing of it to urinate right on the sidewalk. It doesn’t matter how many people are around. They relieve themselves right there in public. Then, we were returning to our hotel and another homeless man was urinating against the building creating a stream across the sidewalk for everyone to have to step over. We also had to avoid a bag on the sidewalk that looked like a bag of feces. The sidewalks here have little water grates and they’re all wet from homeless people urinating on them. It’s disgusting.

It’s not everywhere nor every street but patchy all over the city. It’s really sad. I feel so bad for all these people. And the government here, according to many locals are doing nothing about it. There are shelters in the city that provide free showers and other services but there doesn’t seem to be anything to help these people earn money. One person on YouTube suggested paying these homeless people to keep the streets clean. That’s a great idea. Same with the heroin addicts. The city gives them clean needles which they in turn dispose of wherever. Why not offer these people jobs to clean up the city and keep them busy so they won’t have time to shoot up and dispose of their needles across the city where it creates a danger for the general public.

If this continues it’s really going to hurt tourism. Everyone here has been really friendly so this is most unfortunate. I have to say, even the beggars are not yet a problem. They ask but they’re not persistent nor are they abusive. But to have the sidewalks be a toilet for the homeless along with all the spit, it’s just disgusting and takes away from all the good experiences unfortunately.

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