Man it’s hot


Man it’s hot. It’s almost 10:30pm here now and the sun had been down a few hours. But it’s still hot and humid!! At least in Hawaii there was a breeze but here it is pretty still. I’m really sticking out being Canadian. I’m the only one walking around looking like I just walked out of the pool 🙂 .

I just came back from taking a bunch of night time pictures down near the water. The lights across the water from the main town turned out pretty cool. But you’ll have to wait until I upload pics from my DSLR.

Deniz is logged on to work now as she’s been doing everyday to go through emails (yuk!). My laptop stayed home where it belongs 🙂 . I don’t like the idea of bringing work along on vacations…..kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me, but her choice.

Sunday is almost done now. We were pondering the idea of taking a boat tour tomorrow. We’ll see.


We have finally settled. We caught our flight out of Istanbul’s smaller airport on the Asian side to Dalaman. From there we caught a 1hr bus ride which brought us about half way. We then caught a taxi who brought us the test of the way. It was not easy to find. We ended up on the wrong route and had to back track a bit. One of the problems is that we are staying at the Patara Prince resort, which is in Kalkan and not Patara. We originally headed into Patara’s resort area looking for this place. Would have seemed natural to think the Patara Prince would be on Patara, eh?

We arrived just before midnight hungry, thirsty and tired. Unfortunately, nothing was open and there wasn’t anything at the timeshare place we were offered. After a nights rest there we headed out for something to eat. We found a nice place at the hotel and after looking around and inquiring about the rates we decided to relocate here. We are much closer to the water and meals are included. Sounds much nicer! Deniz spoke Turkish with the front desk and we discovered we got a much better rate than advertised. Native tongue seems to be a huge advantage here.

Everyone from the taxi driver to the staff here have been very nice and helpful.

It is hot as heck here!! Istanbul was much like back home but here in the south, it is around 36 during the day and only goes down to 27 at night. The a/c in the hotel room is not that great but we’ll see how much it helps for sleeping. The timeshare room did not have any a/c which made it hard to fall asleep. Another reason for moving rooms :).

Even in the shade I am non-stop sweating! Time for another drink….:)

Travelling day

We just finished breakfast and will be checking out this morning. We will be taking a ferry back to the mainland to Deniz’ cousins house where we will leave some of our luggage. This evening we will catch a flight to Dalaman. We then take a bus to our resort, where we will stay until Thursday.

It has been interesting on the islands these past few days. Only the police and a few service vehicles have cars and motorcycles. But mostly horse and carriages making their way around. Instead of hearing engines we hear the clatter of the horses. Instead of gas exhaust, horse manure :).

The only problem here has been the cigarette smell. Most people smoke and they smoke in most places. Smoking areas are attached so there’s not much difference.

Day in the city

We enjoyed a day in the city today, visiting places in the palace that we missed last time. Not without something to be concerned about, there was heightened police presence around the Hagia Sophia mosque. There was supposed to be a demonstration there and the police (Polis) were fully prepared. The police had surrounded the mosque with police buses filled with officers as well as riot tanks. Fortunately, nothing happened.

We also visited the famous Basilica Cistern, an underground water reservoir built between 527-565. It was constructed to meet the water needs of the palace. The architecture is amazing and incredible that it has been preserved for all the thousands of years. Below is one of the pictures from inside.

We also visited the covered bazaar briefly before making our way back.

The city was as crowded as always. We had to skip 4 trams as they were too crowded. Some people had their faces squished up against the glass it was so packed. Lots of tourists from around the world at the palace.

Tour of Islands

It’s a little after 5pm and we have just returned from taking the ferry tour around the islands. We stopped off at one to have lunch. The island is Burgaz. We took a horse and buggy to get to the place and walked back afterwards. The restaurant was nestled out of the way at the end of a street right by the sea up high. We had some appetizers then grilled fish. A white meat fish, very mild. Very tasty! Great place to eat.

That island was a little different in regards to the atmosphere and kinds of people there. The horses were better kept and the buggies in better condition there. Perhaps because the big island is busier, the horses and buggies get worn down faster.


Had a nice dinner this evening in Istanbul. I had an assorted kebab dinner of chicken, beef and lamb. The chicken was very good but I was not too crazy about the lamb. We took a 30min ferry ride across from the island. I found the temperature here just right during the day and comfortably cool at night. But many locals here I guess are used to much hotter weather so they are all bundled up. I’m here in shorts and short sleeve shirts. Many locals and visitors from the middle east are in long pants and sweaters. Ah, to be Canadian :).

Tomorrows plan is to take a boat tour of the islands.

Horse and buggy tour

We took a nice little tour around the town on the island by horse and buggy. The horses unfortunately are not very well kept and have welts and bald spots where the riders whip them. They don’t whip them hard but I guess it still wears their hair off. The ride itself was very enjoyable and all the little streets were interesting to see. There are some really old buildings here with interesting architecture.

It’s almost 4pm here now. We returned to our hotel to relax a bit. Later we will take the ferry across to the mainland (Istanbul) to have kabob for dinner.

Here is our buggy.

Good morning

We enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel. It’s a nice cool morning but hazy. When it’s clear, Istanbul can be seen from across the sea. Today, it’s barely visible.

Here are a few pics taken from our balcony to show the nice view we have.