Coffee Run

We started our day with a trip down to Kona and up the mountain to the top where Mountain Thunder Coffee is.  They were just starting a tour but having experienced that 5 years ago we decided to skip it.  We went through their store to pick up some coffee.  

Next, on the way down the hill a bit we stopped in at Ueshima Coffee Co. (UCC). They allowed us to walk around the plantation (Mountain Thunder wouldn’t).  They also gave us some free samples.  Here’s a picture from the plantation overlooking the ocean. 



Lazy Day

After a couple of great but busy days we needed a slower day yesterday and just relaxed by the pool.  It was a comfortable day.  Not too hot in the sun and the pool was refreshing.  I took some fun videos in the water with the GoPro.  Our friends little girl loved the water slide so video’d her going down and splashing into the water.  Also, filmed her swimming under water.  

The GoPro has turned out to be a great item.  We have now got some cool footage from the beach in the waves, in the UTV along the trail ride and at the pool. 

Waipi’o Valley Tour

We had another great day today taking in an ATV tour ride through Waipi’o Valley.  We all rode in a Polaris Ranger 6-seater UTV.  The views were spectacular!  Unfortunately we could not go down to the black sand beach. There’s an outbreak of dengue fever from a local villager so the area was closed. But at least the lookout point was open as well.  

It was funny as we all had black faces at the end of the trail ride. We were just covered in dust LOL!  GREAT TIMES!!

The ride brought back many memories of my many off-roading trips in the FJ40, Argo and ATV. My buddy Sebastien drove the trail – his first time – and had a blast!!



It was a good day today.  We drove to Hilo, which is on the other side of the island.  The drive is very scenic.  We stopped at a few scenic lookout spots.  We stopped in at Akaka Falls, which is a lush rain forest.  A bus load of Japanese tourists were there too.  I should have slipped in with them to see where I’d end up…LOL!  We stopped at be place where the waves were quite big.  It was quite the sight!!  There’s something very cool about large waves coming in and smashing on the rocks.  

Once in Hilo we stopped at Queen Liluokalani Gardens in Hilo. It is a Japanese Garden connected to a garden in Oshima, Japan.  

It was a great day!!  



At the pool here there was a hula show last night.  It was pretty interesting as the lead singer told us a lot of history of the islands. Every song was preceded by a little history and then the song itself was about that topic. The performers were from a school that teaches hula and the ukulele.  



After breakfast we made our way to Hapuna beach just north of our resort.  For swimming the waves were quite large. The lifeguards were kept busy as some people were getting pulled out by the waves and had to be guided back.  They were on the megaphone a few times telling people to not go out too far and to stay under water or dive through waves but not let the waves hit.  Apparently a strong wave can have enough force to break necks and backs.  Most waves were easily over all our heads.  Hey Robert M., nothing near of the video you lent me but pretty good for swimming in.

I was recording with my GoPro when one big wave came along and tossed me back pretty good.  No harm done except for swallowing some salty water.  Bah!!  Was a ton of fun though.  Here’s some pics of the area.