Trevi Fountain

After grabbing a coffee and a pastry (the Italian breakfast) at the corner cafe, we made our way to Trevi Fountain. Tons of people!!! Could not really get near the fountain itself unfortunately. And I’m already out of patience with the crowds so after a bit of a try to get down to the fountain edge I bailed out.

At this point we are done with the tourist attractions and will be focusing the remainder of our trip either exploring around where it’s not so crazy and spending time with Deniz’ cousins.

I feel like a magnet for the street sellers. They’re like vultures and they’re persistent. And I’ve had enough. At all the attractions as soon as you stop to take a picture we are being approached and chased. They call us “black and white” and call me “Africa”. I have no idea why. But they’re really persistent. They approach talking nice. When you refuse and walk away they will follow trying to break you down. Then they try to get your hand to slip what they’re selling into it. First time I just dropped it and walked away. The rest of the times I was careful to not let them grab my hand again or slip something on me.

At the Spanish Steps, there are many guys trying to sell roses. They were especially persistent to the point where we had to get angry with them. I saw them with other people handing them a rose and letting go. The plan here is that you will catch it but some are smart to just let it fall on the ground. We over heard two girls who first accepted a rose and gave the guy some money. Then, he wanted more. The girl then got mad saying she was not going to give him more because she did not want the rose and did not want to pay anything in the first place.

Then, there are the people trying to sell skip the line tickets and tours. They’re also very persistent. They also don’t take no for answer and follow you. Near the Vatican one guy didn’t like when after he asked what language we speak and Deniz answered “Chinese”. LOL.

I know they’re just trying to make a living but from our point of view, it took away from the enjoyment of the attraction by having to fight these guys off every few minutes. You finally get rid of one and then another has you as a target. It’s ridiculous!To be clear, none of these people I’m complaining about here were Italian. We had to get aggressive back with them and of course they didn’t like it.

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