Last Afternoon/Evening in San Francisco

After leaving Golden Gate Park we made our way to the Mission District to Taqueria Cancun. On our city tour the guide mentioned this was one of the best Mexican restaurants. We decided to stop by to try. We both ordered a chicken taco.

Deniz also ordered a Seafood Ceviche.

The taco was delicious! Both were pretty spicy for us, though. The Ceviche was really spicy and we were not able to finish it, unfortunately. There were many awards hanging in the walls. Definitely a good place! Just a bit too spicy for us. I remembered this area was were Carlos Santana grew up and looked up where his mural was. Fortunately it was right at the corner near to us. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture while on our city tour.

We then returned to our hotel to change a rest a bit before heading back to Maru Japanese Restaurant for our last supper there. We opened our trip by having dinner at Maru and wanted to return. Figured it was nice to close out the trip there too. This time I ordered sashimi. This was delicious but I preferred the chirashi I had the first time as it had more variety. I got the 9 piece but perhaps should have gone with the 12 or 15 piece to get more variety.

Delicious meal again. Best part is being able to get actual kani (crab) sushi instead of imitation stuff we get here.

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