Mount Fuji – Part 2

When I posted the Mount Fuji trip last week I forgot to mention two items.

First, the singing road along the Subaru highway leading to Mount Fuji. Rumble strips play the melody from the song “Miagete goran yoru no hoshi wo” by Kyu Sakamoto. The song verses sing about a bright star shining down happiness. Was very neat to hear. Interesting engineering that goes into this. The spacing of strips to get the tones. Pretty cool.

The second item was passing the Aokigahara forest also along the highway leading into Mount Fuji. Our tour guide referred to it as the ‘forest of no return’ mentioning that the trees are so dense that people often lose their way. Rumour has it that cell signals can’t be obtained inside. What he did not mention was that the forest is a popular location for suicides. So many that it ranks second in the world behind only the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The Government has put many signs up to discourage people from ending their lives. The signs mention how their lives are gifts from their parents and to think of them and their families. It provides contact info for assistance for help. The Government states a decrease in suicides since putting up the signs so they believe it is working to a degree. Any lives saved is victory.

Our guide mentioned Mount Hakone used to be like Mount Fuji until it erupted thousands of years ago. The eruption destroyed the coned shape and created two overlapping calderas. The lava flowed into the large lake that originally existed and created three smaller lakes.

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