Two More Sleeps

Our trip has been great but time is winding down. I think we are content. We have seen some new things, stayed in another new area of Tokyo and visited some favorite places. With a few more days to go we are feeling about ready to return home. The tight spaces, intense crowds and the commuting by train all take a toll over the days. We have decided to omit Yokohama off our list this trip. The thought of taking the train to Yokohama and then taking more transit around the city to sight see is a bit too much for us at this point. And that is ok. We will be back again.

We will be exploring places more locally as we no longer want to go too far. There’s a nice Japanese garden nearby. We will walk there today. Something more relaxing to close off our trip.

This is something we experience each time we come. When we arrive we are happy to be here and eager to get going. But everything gradually wears on us over the days. I think one week in Tokyo would be perfect. But when planning a trip here though it doesn’t feel like enough time considering how far we are coming. It’s a delicate balance.

The weather has been great, sunny and 17 everyday. We had a bit of rain last night but that has been it. Absolutely fantastic weather.

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