Tokyu Hands

On Monday we also stopped by Tokyu Hands depart store in Shibuya just a short walk from the train station. This is another great place to get some souvenirs or interesting merchandise at decent prices for the most part. Like other stores it is multi level but focuses on stationary, arts, crafts and outdoors merchandise. It was full of other tourists. Lots of interesting things such as these Samurai sword scissors.

One floor sold different materials along with all sorts of fasteners, handles etc to make all sorts of different bags, cases or clothing. Another floor had all sorts of stationary supplies. Another area sold all sorts of supplies to make your own snow globe. A great place to stop by when in Shibuya. Upon arriving we headed straight to the cafe on the top floor. Enjoyed a sundae to refresh us. This is a matcha vanilla honey crunch sundae.

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