Dinner at Mark City

Last time we were here with Deniz’ cousin and her husband we were recommended to try a sushi restaurant at Mark City Shibuya. Mark City is another department store. However, when we stopped by the place was full with a long line up. At that time we did not want to wait and chose another place which ended up being disappointing. We have been curious ever since. Last night we returned and waited. The way this restaurant works is you obtain a number from a machine. Out front they show the latest number being served. Another couple obtained a number and saw they were 11th in line (244 was latest number and they got 255). We were going to get a number when the lady approached Deniz and gave us their number, and left. As others probably just left as well, the guy came out and called several numbers that had no response. I would guess, 20mins is all we waited. We were led inside and seated at the sushi bar. There are tables as well. But at the sushi bar gave us a chance to watch our dish as well as others being made. True art. We placed our order, and were handed our plates. It was delicious! The best meal we had and well worth the wait. Service was quick which helped cycle people through. There were five sushi chefs serving the small restaurant.

We both ordered the same sushi platter and also both ordered an extra fatty tuna piece. The meals came with green tea and miso soup. The dinner total was just 3888 yen which is approximately $40 Cdn. A meal like this back in Canada would have been $30 per plate. Also keep in mind that there is no tipping here.

This restaurant, Umegaoka Sushi no Midori is located on the 4th level along the overpass walkway connecting Shibuya train station to Mark City. There are many other places along this stretch. This is one of the last places when heading away from the train station.

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