Shuttle to Kansai Airport 

After settling aboard the bus we made one stop at the Hilton hotel to pick up a few more people and then proceeded to begin our one hour ride to Kansai Airport.  It was a nice comfortable ride. We were able to see more riding the bus which made it more interesting.  

Then we approached a long bridge that appeared to go off into the sea and disappear.  We then turned into this bridge.  Turns out that this 4.1km bridge is what connects the mainland with the man made island the airport sits on.  

Kansai Airport is a man made island 4km long by 2.5km wide that sits in Osaka Bay.  Construction of the island began in 1987, terminal construction began in 1991 and the airport opened on September 4, 1994. They excavated three mountains for the 21,000,000 cubic meters of landfill required.  Italian architect Renzo Piano designed the airport. Like Haneda airport which is also on an island it sits on posts. These sliding posts also help it to withstand earthquakes.  It didn’t long to be tested as a strong earthquake hit the region in January of 1995.  It survived and not even a window in the airport was damaged.  Then in 1998 it survived a typhoon withstanding wind speeds of 200km/h.  Nearby Osaka International Airport is not so international as it now only handles domestic flights. Here’s a view from our plane after take off. 

Makes far a nice parting picture!  Sayonara Japan…..until the next trip. 


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