Last evening in Japan

After returning from Kyoto, we met up with Deniz’ cousin and husband to enjoy dinner for our last night together n Japan.   After the full day we decided to make things easier and explore the options in the tunnels that were off the lower level of their hotel.  We found a nice tempura restaurant a each chose an assorted dish of vegetables and shrimp.  I had been focusing so much on sushi I realized that I had not really tried tempura in Japan.  It was a very good meal.  Unfortunately, due to being tired, hungry and enjoying the company of Deniz’ cousin and husband I forgot to take pictures.  But I very much enjoyed our last dinner in Japan for this trip!  

We then went up to their hotel room to chat a bit more.  We would both be leaving the next day to our respective home countries.  Ours was earlier so we wished each other a safe trip home and grabbed a cab back to our hotel.  This would be the first rude cab driver we encountered.  He not only drove like a maniac but upon reaching our hotel he grunted and pointed angrily at the amount display on his dashboard.  I paid, he returned my change, I thanked him in Japanese, he said nothing and we left.  Very surprising for Japan but bad apples are to be expected everywhere.  


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