We visited Asakusa today. It has a shrine and a series of streets lined with shops and millions of places to shop for souvenirs.


We started looking around for a place to eat and found the same place Deniz had eaten at on her first trip to Japan. It’s called Asakusa Umaimon Azuma.  She had no idea how to find it again, it was just pure luck. Deniz had a salmon sashimi plate (can’t recall the menu name).


I had “Jo Chirashi”, which is a chef’s selection of sashimi and tamago (egg) on sushi rice.


Both our dishes came with clear soup that had a Sakura flower in it.


I took this picture of the place on our way out.



1 thought on “Asakusa

  1. Hey you two. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I have been following you all along. Deniz I truly wish I was there to shop with you. We would do great! Hope you cold is better Mark so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday. Have fun.



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