Just to recap, on Tuesday, Deniz’ training was a bit dry. She said it was tough to stay alert and some people were nodding off. A few locals left. After work a few if them went out for dinner at another Japanese restaurant (pictures of food in previous post). After dinner she had a little time to go shopping in the underground mall and at street level shops.

On Wednesday, training session was better. Quicker pace and more interesting. After work, one of the Japanese Directors there took their group of 43 out to dinner at a restaurant owned by Toshiba/GE. The dinner consisted of a 10 course meal. The dishes were small though but surprisingly was quite filling. She sat beside the Director and impressed him and a few others with some of the Japanese she knows. “Oishi desu!”. They asked how she learned, and told them that she became interested because she’s married to a “yonsei”. She was asked if I had a Japanese name but sadly I don’t. She has taken many pictures and will send soon.

After dinner, a large group went to go look for a bar to continue drinking. She went with a smaller group for ice cream.

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