Back to work

Just spoke with Deniz. She is going to sleep and I’m a couple of hours into my work day.

Her first training day went alright. They are across the street from the Yokohama train station. So, there’s an underground tunnel from the hotel to the train station. On the subway they go, squishing on. Two stops and then switch subways. Then just a couple more stops and they are at their stop. She said people push and squeeze on but will readily make a pathway to let you off.

They had Italian today for dinner. Deniz said the pizza was amazing! It was really thin crust but done perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Back to work

  1. Just went through all the pictures. Wonderful. One jumped out at me Shopping Town. I am jealous Deniz.
    Have fun when you can leona


  2. I can’t wait to hear Deniz’ story about getting squished on that subway! I wonder what it’s like to be right at the subway doors when they open. Would you just fall out? lol

    Sounds like a fun trip so far 🙂 Be safe!


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