Easy day

We started the day by taking Uncle Gary, My and her mom to the hospital to visit her Dad. While they were visiting, Deniz and I made a few errand runs around town. She needed a couple of items at Shoppers Drug Mart and I needed to get a new iPhone case at Best Buy. Once again, I broke the holster clip. I guess it was on my belt a strange way and when I sat in the car it snapped.

We had also stopped in at Tim Hortons and a local guy started chatting up a storm with me. He was a bit of a drunk but a nice one. It started when I was drying my hands in the washroom and I startled him as he was entering. Later, he needed help opening up his bag of tobacco. He told us a little bit of his life story, then introduced himself with a handshake, took our dirty plates then left.

After picking up Uncle Gary and My, we took the ferry across to the Halifax where we wandered around the harbour front.

We had a latte at this place that makes designs on the top simply by the way they pour the milk in. Deniz, My and I each had one. Here are the patterns of each.





1 thought on “Easy day

  1. Hey Mark and Deniz. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Wish we could be there. Just had a chance to look at your trip. So jealous! But I always am of anyone who travels to one of Canada’s amazing places. Hope My’s parents are doing OK. Deniz I miss our shopping. We could shop up a storm there. Don’t forget to go down to have the Lobster sandwich at the waterfront. I am sure My will know what I am talking about. Very nice! I can taste it now. Peggy’s cover is a wonderful place it is all wonderful. Also go jumping in the big waves at the beach might be a little chilly but who cares. Take the plunge guys but then again better think about it. If you do, better have a hot drink waiting. Take care now and enjoy. All our love Leona


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