Road Trip

Uncle Gary and My joined us for a great road trip day. In our rental car we headed to Mahone Bay, then to Lunenburg, then finally Peggy’s Cove. After leaving the Halifax area heading towards Mahone Bay, we hit some pretty thick fog.


Here’s the view in Mahone Bay.


Here’s the view in Lunenberg.


Here’s Peggy’s Cove.


After leaving Peggy’s Cove we stopped to see the Swiss Air crash memorial.

We ended the day by visiting and meeting My’s other sister, Joan and her husband Ted. Very nice folks again. They gave us a souvenir made locally after the last hurricane. This fellow collected pieces of broken trees and made little sculptures from them. Ours is a Maritime fisherman. We were disappointed that most things sold here are made in India, China or the Philippines. So, she wanted to send us off with a genuine Maritime item.


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