We’re home

We’re home!! We touched down safely at 2:30pm Toronto time. It made for a long haul home. It all began at 6am Istanbul time/11pm Toronto time. We first took a 45min boat trip from the island to Kabatas. We were then met by the Dino’s dear friend who then drove us the 35min commute to the airport. There’s a security check just inside the doors in Turkey. There’s another one at the gate. Our flight was 9 hours and 50 minutes and the plane was full coming back. This time the Turkish Airline service was not as good and conduct of the passengers were ridiculous. While boarding there was one passenger taking her sweet time putting her bags above and having a nice chat with the useless stewardess. Meanwhile there’s a line of us waiting. Then, our first flight attendant did not understand “soda water” and Deniz had to tell her in Turkish. Our plane had just touched down in Toronto and everyone wad getting up opening up the overhead luggage compartments. The flight attendants while seated were yelling at people to sit down but I nobody listened. The problem lies with people coming from a certain part of the world where pushing and shoving your way is the way to get around. This one ‘covered’ lady while we’re all waiting to leave the plane started to try and push her way through. This one Canadian lady kindly explained to this lady that she’s in Canada now and there’s no reason to panic. We will all get our turns. This lady would not stop and I tip my had to the Canadian for remaining calm and just repeatedly telling this eager lady to just relax and not make leaving the plane a chaotic experience. She told the lady “you’re in my country now….we don’t push and shove here”. I just kept adding in my two cents agreeing out loud so the others could hear too. It was a great trip, but it’s always nice to come home. There’s no place like home. Here is a picture taken of the nose camera view upon landing.



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