Trip Summary

Over-all it was a nice trip.  Having the couple of weeks away from work was the best part 🙂 .  Not everything went as planned or to our expectations but it was all a great learning experience.

A few of you left comments which I just cleared for posting.  I thought I had it set to automatically show the comments but I guess not.  For some reason as well, my iPhone app was not showing me any comments.  My apologies to those that left comments and thank you!!

What I enjoyed………..It was particularly nice to return to Turkey and see places I had not seen the first time.  It was nice to meet Deniz’ cousin Buket and her husband Aydin.  They were fun to spend time with and before returning we stayed at their apartment in the city.  We really appreciated their hospitality.  We stayed on the Princess Island and visited another island, which were both great to experience.  I really enjoyed staying on the island and perusing around on the horse carriage.  The temperature was just right for me.  Nice and warm during the day and cool at night.  I also enjoyed the cistern in Istanbul.  The architecture is incredible considering the time of when it was constructed.  I’m glad it was not destroyed in the many earthquakes it saw.  I also enjoyed the village shops in Kalkan.  While I don’t particularly enjoy shopping, I do enjoy perusing little shops.  It’s nice to see the specific items they have.  I also enjoyed the ruins at Xantos and the tombs in Tlos.  In Xantos I was particularly fascinated by the plumbing work at the palace.  Concrete piping pieces that fitted together were incorporated into the stone walls that led up to 30kms away up to the top of the mountain.  The idea was that gravity would feed the water down towards the palace.  With the long distance, there would be decent pressure at the palace.  Totally fascinating!!

Things that I did not enjoy as much or could have been better……..I guess it’s no secret now that I did not enjoy the hot humid temperatures in Kalkan at the resort 🙂 .  I also found lazing around the beach or pool to be a boring activity.  So, now I know really hot places and those activities are not for me.  It was fine to spend an afternoon by the water but I could not do that for an entire day let alone a string of days.  We were also disappointed with the service at the Patara Prince.  We went down one afternoon to get towels before going for a swim only to find the attendant sleeping on the stack of mattresses.  We were appalled that the manager of the resort would join in with the guests at the buffet and sit by himself among the guests to eat.  Our waiter would also disappear for a while to grab his food from the buffet table and sit off to the side somewhere to eat his meal and then return to serve us.  Doesn’t sound like good practices to me.  There was one less than competent girl at the front desk who informed us that they did not arrange shuttles to and from the airport nor did they assist in arranging any tours.  Both were false.  She was cute though 🙂 but as intelligent as a pencil eraser.  They are supposed to do both!  We dealt with the manager directly who arranged our airport shuttle.  I think we ended up paying a little more for the day tour because we booked it ourselves instead of the resort.

All being said though, it was an enjoyable time and will be fond memories for years to come.

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