Back Home

We arrived back home safe, sound and tired.  We woke up 6am Istanbul time on Saturday morning (11pm Friday evening, Toronto time).  We were picked up by a friend of the Dino’s and driven to the airport.  We caught our 9:20am flight to Paris.  We then caught our 1:30pm (Paris time) flight home and arrived at Pearson at 3:35pm.  We got a nice surprise on both legs of the tour home as we were upgraded to Business class.  The second leg from Paris to Toronto was especially nice since it was a Boeing 747-800 and the Business section was really great with reclining leather seats and top notch service.  I had never sat in such luxury before and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I/we are very grateful to Mr. Dino and his colleagues at Air France for the treat home.

Back to work today and was fine for the morning but the afternoon was tough.  I didn’t sleep that well last night so feeling pretty sluggish.

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